Technics of manufacturing

Our team, strong with ancestral know-how and ancient stone cutting techniques, will achieve custom made elements, according to your criteria, using French natural stone, whether new or ancient.

Our stone cutting business begins in our French quarries where large blocks of naturel stone are being extracted from the flanks of our mountains...

Once extracted in our quarries in France – the extracting process of the stone dates back to the Ancient Rome - the stone arrives by truck directly in our workshops in blocks of more than 3 cubic meters (about 7 tonnes).

Before our stonemasons can start shaping the stone, each block must be cut into slices, which are then cut to the required dimensions necessary for the realization of the item to carve or build.

Once re-cut to size, the stone then passes through the expert hands of our master craftsmen. This is when and where the carving work really begins ! Based on plans, drawings, diagrams and templates, necessary to the stone cutting work, the stone is cut, carved, chopped, hammered, sculpted ... the element begins to take shape ... gradually ... to finally disappear into an architectural element that seems to have always existed !

Once finished, the item or architectural element can be weathered, patined and aged according to your wishes, thus giving it an antique look.


Each of our creation is 100% handcrafted and unique. It is carefully studied to fit perfectly within the space or setting that you want to arrange.

Discover all our models of creation made in natural stone quarried in France !