Vaults in stone and Framings in stone

In our farmhouse in Provence, the main entrance was through a vault that separated the interior from the outside. The vaults and arches are not only external elements, they could also define and delimit 2 rooms inside our house.


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The vault is an architectural structure consisting of an assemblage of stone, meant to cross a more or less large space by means of a curve, and resting on two bearing points.

Although we find the first vaults in the Middle East in the brick buildings of the Babylonian palace, the construction process has been more widely adopted by the Romans.

→ The Ateliers Alain Edouard Bidal have a wide choice of vaults or arches in stone, as well as framings for doors or windows.
Handmade and crafted from French natural limestone, we can tailor make a vault or frames to suit your needs and fit in your home.

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More Limestone building & architectural elements