Our know-how

All our creations and achievements are homemade. They are manufactured, within our workshops located in the heart of Provence, in Isle sur la Sorgue, by our master craftsmen from natural stone quarried in France.

Ancestral know-how and craft, based on the techniques of the builders of cathedrals, the job of the stonemasons requires a complex technical manufacturing where knowledge and mastery of the material and tools are the keys to a beautiful work.

We use different types of stone according to the pieces we have to carve, but we work mostly with calcareous stones.

Besides the local natural stone quarried in the mountains of Provence, the stone of Estaillades (a white soft limestone with fine grain, extracted in the town of Oppède, on the North face of the Mount Ventoux), we also work with the stone of Avy (a beautiful, firmer and stronger, limestone extracted in the Charentes-Maritime, near Bordeaux). The Pierre d’Avy has the advantage of being resistant to frost and salt. It was, for example, used to build the famous Fort Boyard !

Indeed, this type of semi-soft stone can be carved and sculpted with finesse to achieve pieces such as fountains, fireplaces, furniture, decoration elements, sculptures...

For the confection of kitchens and sinks, our stonemasons will rather use the Pierre de Lens (a semi hard white limestone with fine and tight grain extracted in the Gard) or the Pierre de Massangis (a beige/brownish hard stone from Burgundy, resistant to frost), or the stone of Saint Maximin (a beige limestone with plain fine grain quarried in St Maximin, North of France, also frost resistant)...

As stonemasons, we could also work with other type of natural stone on demand. So do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Our stone cutting business begins in the quarries where massive blocks of natural stone is extracted from our mountains...

Extraction of the natural stone in a quarry


Open pit mining - a technique that goes back to the Gallo-Roman period :

Discover all our models of creation made in natural stone quarried in France !