Palletizing & Transport



When your order is finished, it is carefully palletized and protected. First the elements are being held by a strong strap. We also place some foam between the stones preventing them to rub against each other. Finally, the whole unit is maintained by an opaque shrink-wrapped plastic (ultra resistant plastic cover that reacts under the effect of heat).

We use good quality wooden pallets and try not to overload them too much (maximum 1 T.)


* Each pallet meant for exportation is fumigated :
In case of an exportation outside of the EU, and according to the new regulations, each wooden pallet and any other wood used in the palletisation is treated (undergoing a phytosanitary treatment by high temperature). Our pallets are certified NIMP15 and a certificate of treatment may be handed out if requested.


We then weigh each pallet as to give you the exact packaging list: number of pallets, weight, dimensions...

We also respect scrupulously the axle weight while loading the truck or container.



Several delivery options are available :

If you wish to come and collect the goods yourself directly in our warehouses, we will then ask you to confirm the exact mean of transportation (car, trailer, van, …) in order to better understand how we need to prepare and palletized the items.
Our team members will then load the goods in your vehicle.


If you wish for us to organize the delivery, we could offer you a service of transportation. Please note that we generally conduct our deliveries using 19T trucks with tail-lift and small trans-pallets. But we could of course adapt the mean of delivery according to your criteria (accessibility, traffic constraints, etc).

We strive to find the best ratio between price and quality of service, and are working very closely with a handful of trusty transporters. They travel and deliver throughout France and across Europe.

Our drivers will first book a date with you to deliver the goods at your convenience. Upon delivery, they will place the pallets on the floor depending on accessibility. Please note that however our drivers are not entitled to go up or down the stairs.

Please note that the price will depend on the number of pallets, their weight and dimensions, but also on the exact delivery address.


For overseas deliveries by containers (20ft or 40ft), in full compliance with the new international regulations, we are using only NIMP 15 treated pallets.

We will also provide an Export Certificate along with a Passport issued by the French Ministry of Culture for every antique material over 100 years old


→ Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details or for a specific quote.

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